Electrical Lifts Est.

Electrical Lifts Est was founded in 1979 and started our business enterprise in the same year for sale, installation and maintenance of elevators, the enterprise has sold more than two thousand elevator during this period, the institution and in 2004 celebrated the silver jubilee of its foundation.

In 1988, the institution became a made part of the elevator and that including 30% of the elevator materials, and in 2002, the Foundation's largest manufacturer of elevators in Amman, located in / Bayader Wadi Seer industrial area to purchase, through the Investment Promotion Foundation Foundation received approval from the Investment Promotion manufacturing accounted for more than 60% of the elevator with access to tax exemption, including 25%.

And ESTABLISHMENT taken serious steps until the institution got 2003 quality certificate ISO 9001: 2000, and the organization became an attorney for some of the international companies in the world of the elevators, and we are the first in this area in Jordan number of elevators sold annually, and we consider pioneer in this field.


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